Edmund Holt was born about 1794 / 1795 in Territory South of the Ohio River, now East Tennessee (probably Grainger County TN / NC), died est. 1862.


Nancy Polly Emmery July 11, 1819 in Rhea County, TN, born about 1800 in North Carolina and died in Pulaski, TN, on October 26, 1872.  North Carolina may have been Tennessee before it became a state.  Several of her children reported in various census data that she was born in Tennessee.

The children of Edmund Holt and Nancy Polly Emmery were:

 I.  Elizabeth Holt, born ca 1818, died est. 1858 – 1913


est. 1839, John Gilliam, born 1818 in NC, died est. 1859 - 1909, son of John D. and Mary Elizabeth Gilliam.

The Children of Elizabeth Holt and John Gilliam were:

1.  Mary Ann Gilliam, born 1840


1854 John W. Sewart.

 The children of Mary Ann Gilliam and John W. Sewart were:

            1.  George Washington Stewart, born 1856.
            2.  John Stewart, born 1858; never married.

     2.   John E. Gilliam, born 1841


 Martha, listed in Searcy County, AK, 1870.

 The children of John E. Gilliam and Martha were:

            1.  Martin Gilliam, born 1869, AK.
            2.  John H. Gilliam, born 1870, AK.
            3.  Thomas E. Gilliam, born 1873, Giles County, TN.
            4.  Lucinda E. Gilliam, born 1876, Giles County, TN.
            5.  George C. Gilliam, born 1879, Giles County, TN.

            6.  Frank M. Gilliam, born 1882.
            7.  Sarah J. Gilliam, born 1886.
            8.  Lucy A. Gilliam, born 1889.

     3.    Sarah E. Gilliam, born 1844



     4.   George W. Gilliam, born 1847


Elvira Covey.

 The children of George W. Gilliam and Elvira Covey were:

            1.  Ella Gilliam, born October 1877, died 1952.
            2.  Lula Gilliam, born August 1879.
            3.  John Buford Gilliam, born 1881


 Anna Holt.

            4.  Mable Gilliam


 Hoyt Birdsong.

            5.   James Polk Gilliam, born 1887; died 1972


  Doris Williams.

            6.   Robert Gilliam, born January 1889;


                  (1)  Zona Woodfin and

                  (2)  Bess Chapman.

            7.  Nina Gilliam, born December 1893


 John Brazier.

       5.  Susan Ann Gilliam, born 1854


In Giles County, TN, Columbus Floumoy Bray.

 The children of Susan Ann Gilliam and Columbus Floumoy Bray were:

            1.  Mary Elizabeth Bray, born 1880 in TN; died 1960


Columbus Flowers.

           2.  Emma Bray, born in TN



           3.  Jennie Bray, born in TN



           4.  Tennie Bray, born in TN


J. B. Collins.

          5.  Jessie Bray, born in TN



           6.  Elma Bray, born in TN



           7.  Effie Bray, born in TN



           8.  Nysa Bray, born in TN


Don Hoskins.

     6.   Nancy Virginia Gilliam (Jennie), born 1856


Morgan Hensley Bray, brother to Columbus Floumoy Bray.

 The children of Nancy Virginia Gilliam and Morgan Hensley Bray were:

            1.  Minnie Bray, born 1881



            2.  John W. Bray, born 1884.

            3.  Mary A. Bray, born 1887


 In Wise County, TX, her cousin, Elbert (Rock) Holt, son of Alvis Smithson Holt and Harriett R.


 The child of Mary A. Bray and Elbert Holt was:

                  (1)  Finis Holt.

            4.  Thomas Grady Bray, born 1890.

            5.  Morgan Cleve Bray, born 1892.

            6.  Austin F. Bray, born 1897.

            7.  Lillie R’Della Bray, born 1900


 (1)  Melton.



II.   Son, born ca 1820 - 1825, died est. 1881-1910.  This son is probably H. Soloman Holt who is listed near

 Edmund Holt in the 1850 Census of Giles County.


 Martha Banes in Green County, Alabama.



III.  Daughter, born ca 1820 - 1825.  Died est. 1825 - 1916.



IV.  Edmund A. Holt, born ca 1824.  Died 21 October 1852, Giles County, TN.  His estate was administered

      by his brother, Elijah William Holt.


 Malissa Hayes October 26, 1852 in TN.



V.   Sarah Adeline Holt, born ca 1826 in TN, died est. 1870 – 1921


 ca 1844 in TN, Alverse (Alvis) Levin Gilliam, born 1820 in NC, died est. 1870 - 1912, son of John D. and

 Mary Elizabeth Gilliam.

 The children of Sarah Adeline Holt and Alverse Levin Gilliam were:

      1.  John Anderson Duff Gilliam, born 1845, Giles County, TN; died 1925;


 (1)  1865, Margaret Ruth Cowan.

  The children of John Anderson Duff Gilliam and Margaret Ruth Cowan were:

                   1.  Thomas Bently Gilliam, born 1867.

                   2.  William Cowan Gilliam, born 1869.

                   3.  June Etta Gilliam, born 1873


   Stephen Newberry Dixon.

                    4. Oder Francis Gilliam, born 1875; married Rebecca (Becky) Dixon. His mother, Margaret Ruth

                        Cowan, died in childbirth when he was born.


 (2)  1885, Mary Adelaide Hewitt, daughter of John Marshall Hewitt and Martha Frances Williamson

                   of Lynnville, Giles County, TN.

        The children of John Anderson Duff Gilliam and Mary Adelaide Hewitt were:

                    5.  Ada Rose Gilliam, born 1886.

                    6.  Alvis Luther Gilliam, born 1888.

                    7.  Ernest Eugene Gilliam, born 1891.

                    8.  J. D. Gilliam, born 1895 in Texas.

                    9.  Homer Guy Gilliam, born 1898.

      10.  Edgar Giles Gilliam, born 1900.

      11.  Joseph Lee Gilliam, born 1902.

      2.  Thomas Porter Gilliam, born 1847 in Giles County, TN;


 (1)   Raines,


 (2)  Comelia Frances Covey; lived in Lynnville, Giles County, TN.

        The children of Thomas Porter Gilliam and Comelia Frances Covey were:

                   1.  Cora Belle Gilliam, born 1872.

                   2.  John Thomas Gilliam, born 1879


   Henrietta Hargrove.

   The child of John Thomas Gilliam and Henrietta Hargrove was:

                         (1)  Maggie Belle Gilliam, born 1900


   Grady Thurman.

          The children of Maggie Belle Gilliam and Grady Thurman were:

     (1)  Ralph Thurman.

     (2)  Jean Thurman


            A. D. Woodard.

   (2)  Odie Mae Gilliam, born 1903


          Huie Tice

          The children of Odie Mae Gilliam and Huie Tice were:

     (1)  Sara Tice.

     (2)  Billie Tice.

   (3)  Jesse Gilliam, born 1906; unmarried.

   (4)  Joe Ray Gilliam, born 1909;


          (1)  Viola Story


          (2)  Mary Mash.

                The children of Joe Gilliam were:

           (1)  Virginia Gilliam,




                  (2) David Peach.

            (2)  Joe Evelyn Gilliam



            (3)  Jasmine Gilliam



             (4)  Janette Gilliam, twin sister of Annetta.

             (5)  Annetta Gilliam, twin sister of Janette.

   (5)  Allen C. Gilliam, born 1914


         Mary Foster; lived in Columbia, TN.

   (6)  Betty June Gilliam


          Horace Webster Hickman.

          The children of Betty June Gilliam and Horace Webster Hickman were:

    (1)  Dwight Hickman.

    (2)  Don Hickman.

    (3)  Steve Hickman.

   (7)  Darlene Joy Gilliam


          O. G. Church.

          The children of Darlene Joy Gilliam and O. G. Church were:

     (1)  Jeffrey Church.

     (2)  Kimberly Joy Church.

   (8)  Minnie Norene Gilliam


          Carl E. Chruch.

          The children of Minnie Norene Gilliam and Carl E. Church were:

     (1)  Dodd Edward Church.

     (2)  Dana Jade Chruch.

      3.  Alvis Monroe Gilliam (Uncle Babe), born 15 December 1850 in TN; died April 12, 1912


December 19, 1880, Giles County, TN, Ada Merrill.  Ada died in 1926.

The children of Alvis Monroe Gilliam and Ada Merrill were:

           1.  Lala Dinisher Gilliam


Alvin Kizer; died April 9, 1964.

The child of Lala Dinisher Gilliam and Alvin Kizer was:

                (1)  R. D. Kizer


 Lorene Pendleton.

 The child of R. D. Kizer and Lorene Pendleton was:

                       (1)  V Kizer       

                (2)  Adren Kizer;


                      (1)  Shannon Belte.

The child of Adren Kizer and Shannon Belte was:

 (1)  W Kizer


(2)  Lived in Mineral Wells, TX.

      The children of Adren Kizer and second wife were:

 (2)  L Kizer.

 (3)  G Kizer

 (4)  H Kizer

 (5)  J Kizer.

 (6)  Beula Mae Kizer, died in 1949


        John Cobb.

        The children of Beula Mae Kizer and John Cobb were:

  (1)  LIVING Cobb

  (2)  LIVING Cobb

  (3)  LIVING Cobb

  (4)  LIVING Cobb

  (5)  LIVING Cobb

                            (7)  G Kizer

           2.  Edgar Gilliam.

           3.  William Gilliam.

The child of William Gilliam was:

                (1)  Lorene Gilliam


 Clarence Williams, had a grocery store in Greenville, TX.

 The child of Lorene Gilliam and Clarence Williams was:

                       (1)  Glenn Roy Williams, lived in Greenville, TX.

 (2)  Imogene Gilliam



 (3)  Billy Gilliam.

 (4)  Alvis Burl Gilliam, lived in Greenville, TX.

           4.  Beulah Gilliam


               John Morris.

               The child of Beulah Gilliam and John Morris was:

               (1)  Joel B. Morris.

           5.  Ellarie Gilliam (Reatie)


                Meton Whitt.

                The child of Ellarie Gilliam and Meton Whitt was:

                (1)  Loy Lee Whitt



           6.  John Thomas Gilliam.

                The child of John Thomas Gilliam was:

                (1)  Dorothy Gilliam


                       Arris Kinkaide; lived in Jurst, TX.

                       The children of Dorothy Gilliam and Arris Kinkaide were:

                       (1)  Wanda Nell Kinkaide



                        (2) Gary Kinkaide, deceased at age 32.

                 (2)  Imogene Gilliam,


                        (1)  Doc McCauley


                        (2)  Sellers.  No issue.

                 (3)  Juanita Gilliam


                       John WaIler.

                       The children of Juanita Gilliam and John Waller were:

                       (1)  Janice Waller.

                       (2)  Johnny Waller.

                       (3)  Jerry Waller.

                       (4)   J. T. Gilliam, Jr., lived in Ft. Worth, TX; a minister of The Church of God.  He had one son

                              and one daughter.

           7.  Betty Gilliam, died January 1979, Savoy, TX


                Hampton Melton, deceased in 1975, lived in Wolfe City, TX.

                The child of Betty Gilliam and Hampton Melton was:

                (1)  J. H. Melton, died November 1979, ten months after his mother.

           8.  Bertha Gilliam, died 20 November 1972


                Manson Melton, deceased in     1972; no issue.

           9.  Orleane Gilliam, died February 1972;


                (1) Jack Leon Denton


                (2) Green

She had four daughters.

         10.  Kenneth Gilliam;


                (1)  Goldie Denton.

                       The son of Kenneth Gilliam and Goldie Denton was:

                       (1)  LIVING Gilliam


                (2) ?

     4.  Sarah A. Gilliam, born 1854; unmarried.

     5.  Mary Martha Gilliam, born 1857; unmarried.

     6.  Henry Edward Gilliam, born September 1859 in Giles County, TN; died March 1923, Goodsprings, Giles

          County, TN, buried Chestnut Cemetery, Giles County, TN.

married four times.

           First three children, wife (1)

           1.  William Gilliam, born 1881; died 1955


Ella Raines; lived in Albany, GA.

The children of William Gilliam and Ella Raines were:

                 (1)  Lily Mae Gilliam, born 4 April 1905;


  (1)  William McCarty.

         The children of Lily Mae Gilliam and William McCarty were:

    (1)  William McCarty, Jr.

    (2)  Orion McCarty.

    (3)  Robert McCarty.

    (4)  Sue McCarty.


                        (2)  Papell.

                  (2)  Jack Flenore Gilliam, born 11 February 1907;


   (1) Alma Dekle (one child)


   (2) Lois Menshew (four children).

                  (3)  William Lee Gilliam, born 7 March 1909


   Sallie Vickers.

                        (1)  Mary F. Vickers.

       (4)  Seaborn Gilliam, born 29 July 1911; unmarried.

                  (5)  Floyd Gilliam, born 22 June 1913


                         Susie Collins; no issue.

                  (6)  James Gilliam, born 27 July 1916; died 1968, Tallahassie, FL.

                  (7)  Addie Lee Gilliam, born 8 October 1920


                        Carl HarveII.

                        The children of Addie Lee Gilliam and Carl Harvell were:

                        (1)  LIVING Harvell.

                        (2)  LIVING Harvell.

                        (3)  LIVING Harvell.

                        (4)  LIVING Harvell.

                        (5)  LIVING Harvell.

           2.  Ernest Allen Gilliam, born 8 September 1883; died 1944.  Eight children by the two marriages.


                   (1) in 1910, Rosie Randolph.

  Children of Ernest Allen Gilliam were:

(1)     Eddie Richard Gilliam, born 24 March 1907


  Velma Woods; died 1944.


    (2)  Pearl Miller.

     (2)  Charles Shields Gilliam, born 14 January 1911 in AL


           lone Jernigan.

           The children of Charles Shields Gilliam and Ione Jernigan were:

       (1)  Juanita Marie Gilliam


             Elvin Borroughs.

       (2)  Charles Edward Gilliam


             Gayla Cockrell.

       (3)  Betty Irene Gilliam


             Leslie E. Burroughs.

       (4)  James Donald Gilliam


             Joyce Sledge.

       (5)  Bobby Allen Gilliam


             Martha Sue Smith.

       (6)  Ronald Eugene Gilliam

             married Deborah Jeanette Nash.

       (7)  Anthony Steven Gilliam.

(3)  Margaret Jane Gilliam, born 16 July 1917;


      (1)  James Coleman,


      (2)  Bellamy.

(4)  Ernest King Gilliam.

(5)  Elmo Emmett Gilliam.

(6)  Thomas Allen Gilliam.

(7)  Luther M. Gilliam.

(8)  Mattie Ruth Gilliam.

(9)  Ethel Louise Gilliam


      (1)  Harold Graham


      (2)  Leonard E. Johnson.

           3.  Mack Henderson Gilliam, born 2 April 1891


     Maggie Stembridge; buried in Winterhaven, FL, Oaklawn Cemetery.

     The children of Mack Henderson Gilliam and Maggie Stembridge were:

(1)  Dorothy Faye Gilliam


      Carl Robert Dunlap.

      The children of Dorothy Faye Gilliam and Carl Robert Dunlap were:

  (1)   LIVING Dunlap

  (2)  Mack Henderson Dunlap


        Tonia Jean Dixon; killed in a car accident, 1978.

(2)  Freddie Mae Gilliam


      Perry Eugene Batson.  Three children.

(3)  Mack Henderson Gilliam, Jr.


      Christine Kyser.

      The children of Mack Henderson Gilliam, Jr. and Christine Kyser were:

  (1)  K Gilliam

  (2)  S Gilliam

(4)  E Gilliam

           fourth child, wife (2);

           4.  Ozaine (Chris) Gilliam, born 26 October 1896


Margaret Wolfe. No issue.

            fifth and sixth children, wife (3); was Anna Shelton, she was the widow Hammond when they married.

            5.  Ocie Gilliam, born 24 December 1901;


 (1)  Lula Graves.

       The children of Ocie Gilliam and Lula Graves were:

  (1)  M Gilliam

  (2)  B Gilliam

  (3)  T Gilliam


 (2)  Magdalene Woodard, sister to Lula Graves.

       The children of Ocie Gilliam and Magdalene Woodard were:

  (1)  D Gilliam

  (2)  O Gilliam

            6.  Thomas Audie Gilliam, born December 1902, son of Anna Shelton Gilliam


 Grace Carpenter.

 The child of Thomas Audie Gilliam and Grace Carpenter was:

                 (1)  E Gilliam

           seventh child, wife (4).

           7.  J Gilliam

     7.  Ernest A. Gilliam, born 1865; died 9 years old.

     8.  Sidney Gilliam, born 1868; died 1896; unmarried.



VI.  Elijah William Holt, born February 24, 1828, in Maury or Giles County, Tennessee, died May 20, 1884,

      Waxahachie, (Garden Valley), Ellis County, Texas and is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery, Ellis County,



 Eliza A. Watson, November 16, 1854 in Giles County, TN, born est. 1824 - 1843, died est. 1859 –

 1928, daughter of Larkin Watson.

 The children of Elijah William Holt and Eliza Watson were:

      1.  Anne E. Holt, born about 1856 in Tennessee.


Ed Pitts.

      2.  Larkin Harney Holt, born about 1858 in Tennessee.


 Ann Elizabeth McKnight, daughter of James McKnight and Arie Brown who was the daughter of

 Raleigh Brown and Nancy Abernathy.

 3.  Yancey Elijah Holt.


            Sarah Olivia Watson.

            The children of Yancey Elijah Holt and Sarah Olivia Watson were:

            (1)  Delia Holt.


                   William Allen Watson.

            (2)  Sally Holt.



                  The child of Sally Holt and Taylor was:

                  (1)  LIVING Taylor             

 4.  Yancey Earl Holt, born December 5, 1912, died March 12, 1977 in Giles County, Tennessee and is

       buried in the Bee Spring Cemetery in Giles County, Tennessee.


            Lena Mae Harwell.


VII.  Son, born February 24, 1828, twin brother of Elijah William Holt.  Probably died young, est. 1829 – 1918.


VIII. Alvis Smithson Holt, born January 1, 1830, (Giles) or Maury County, TN; died May 29, 1901,Chico, Wise

       County, TX, buried Chico City Cemetery;


      (1)  June 26, 1852 in Giles County, TN, Harriett R. Nevels (Nevil), born October 19, 1834 in TN, died 3

             September 1884, daughter of Littleberry Nevels and Elizabeth Barnes


      (2)  1885 in Giles County, TN, his first cousin, Kanses Elizabeth Holt (Lizzie), daughter of Eliphus and

  Elizabeth Emaline Adams (Emma) Holt.   Alvis Smithson (A. S. or Al) and his second wife moved to

  Chico, Wise County, TX, in 1894.

  The children of Alvis Smithson Holt were:

  1.  James Anderson Holt (Andy), born March 18, 1854, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN, died March 3,

       1941 in Loving, Young County, TX


       January 10, 1878 at Chico, Wise County, TX, Melinda Catherine (Kitty) Kendricks (born November

       28, 1855, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; died 1939, Young County, TX; buried Loving Cemetery, Young

       County, TX).

       The children of James Anderson (Andy) Holt and Melinda Catherine (Kitty) Kendricks were:

  1.  Lela Holt


       J. A. Wittenburg.

  2.  Martin Luther Holt.

                3.  Dora Holt


  R. M. Humphries.

                  4.  Willie Mae Holt


  Tom Lindsey.

                  5.  Cidney Wright Holt


  Carrie Bell.

                  6.  Maude Lee Holt


  Ed Booher.

                  7.  Sarah Ann (Annie) Holt


  J. R. Singleton.

                  8.  Albert W. Holt.

                9.  Esther Cleo Holt


  D. D. Garner of Jacksboro, TX.

  The children of Esther Cleo Holt and D. D. Garner were:

  (1)  Ann Garner



  (2)  Dorothy Garner



                10.  Cora Gladys Holt


                        G. C. Huitt.

                11.  Flora Faye Holt, born 1903


                        R. E. Taggart.

            2.  John Franklin Holt, born 3 March 1856, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 7 June 1927, Pulaski,

                  Giles County, TN


                  1 February 1874, Susan Laura Gilliam went by Laura, born 8 May 1855, died 28 March 1914,

                   Pulaski, Giles County, TN, daughter of Samuel and Elvira Minitra Gilliam.

                  The children of John Franklin Holt and Susan Laura Gilliam were:

  1.  Ola May Holt, born September 21, 1874 (or 1878), Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died June 23,

       1943 (or March 2, 1930, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN).


  (1)  at the age of 14 to Josiah Charlie Armstrong.

        The children of Ola May Holt and Josiah Charlie Armstrong were:

        (1)  Audia May Armstrong, born 1 November 1891


              David Arthur Higdon.

        (2)  John Edgar Armstrong, born 27 February 1893; died 26 January 1898.


  (2)  2 April 1899, William Leon Holston.

        The children of Ola May Holt and William Leon Holston were:

        (3)  May Holston, born 30 April 1902, twin of Maybelle Holston; died 7 November 1906.

        (4)  Maybelle Holston, born 30 April 1902, twin of May Holston; died 2 June 1904.


  (3)  29 December 1925, Sam Reed Rucker.

                   2.  Ella Holt, born April , 1876, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 18 July 1915 (or July 10),

        Pulaski, TN


        Thomas Ira Watson in 1895 in Giles County, TN.

        The children of Ella Holt and Thomas Ira Watson were:

   (1)  Kate Watson


         Hassie Williams and lived in Pulaski, TN.

   (2)  John Watson


         Nellie Owens and lived in McBurg, TN.

   (3)  Frank Watson


         Lucille ___; lived in Atlanta, GA.

   (4)  Laura Watson


         Henderson; lived in Chattanooga, TN.

   (5)  Leon Watson, lived in Nashville, TN.

   3.  Edgar Holt, born 31 July 1883 (or 1885); died 10 July 1887 of flux, buried Minitra Cemetery,

        Giles County, TN.

   4.  Dee Holt, born 27 August 1888 (or July 31, 1888) in Giles County, TN; died 7 Oct 1889, buried

        Minitra Cemetery Giles County, TN.

   5.  Reba Holt, born 1 May 1893, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 26 February 1958 (or 1968),

        Pulaski, Giles County, TN


        13 May 1922 (or 1900), Pulaski, Giles County, TN, Ed Humphrey (born 20 January 1883,

        Pulaski, Giles County, TN; died 14 December 1965, Pulaski, Giles County, TN).

        The child of Reba Holt and Ed Humphrey was:

   (1)  B Humphrey

  3.  Thomas Pinckney Holt, born October 1858, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 30 March 1923,

       Giles County, TN and is buried in the Maplewood Cemetery.


       Lula Belle Holt, daughter of Thomas H. Holt and granddaughter of Wyatt and Mary Bell HoIt.

       The children of Thomas Pinckney Holt and Lula Belle Holt were:

  1.  Elizabeth (Bessie) Holt, died 1955, Pulaski, TN


       Sam S. Yokley; lived in Pulaski, TN.

  2.  Nelle Holt, died 20 July 1959


       William K. Jones; lived in Pulaski, TN.

  3.  Thomas H. Holt, died no issue; lived in Pulaski, TN.

  4.  Harriett Holt


       G. Matthew (Matt) Stone; lived in Pulaski, TN.

  5.  Jean Holt


       1927, Robert A. Downing; lived Pulaski, TN.

  6.  Myra Belle Holt, died in infancy about 1905.

  4.  Alvis Moffitte Holt, changed his name to Allen Moffitte Holt, born 27 November 1866, Bunker Hill,

       Giles County, TN; died 4 February 1938, Montgomery, AL;


  (1)  18 December 1895, Birmingham, AL, Mary Allen Powell (born 22 August 1870, Lownes

        County, AL, died 23 March 1905, Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery), daughter of

        James Zackary Powell and Catherine Alabama Hoffman.

   The children of Allen Moffitte and Mary Allen Powell were:

   1.  Allen Moffitte Holt, Jr., born 21 October 1896, Birmingham, AL; died 9 March 1973,

        Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL;


        (1)  18 October 1917, Birmingham, AL, Martha Cornelia Plosser (born 1896, died 1974).

               The children of Allen Moffitte, Jr. and Martha Cornelia Plosser were:

          (1)  Martha Holt, still-born, buried 28 September 1919, Elmwood Cemetery,

                 Birmingham, AL.

               (2)  Allen Moffitte Holt, Ill, born 9 August 1921, Birmingham, AL


                      17 November 1951, Birmingham, AL, Susan Emerson Finley.

                      The children of Allen Moffitte Holt III and Susan Emerson Finley were:

           (1)  LIVING Holt

                                   (2)  LIVING Holt

                                         (3)  LIVING Holt

                        (3)  Francis Cornelia Holt, born 13 February 1924, Birmingham, AL


                                8 September 1945, Birmingham, AL, Thomas Seldon Smith.  Divorced.

          The children of Francis Cornelia Holt and Thomas Seldon Smith were:

          (1)  LIVING Smith.

          (2)  LIVING Smith

          (3)  LIVING Smith


             (2)  Katie Ethel Shannon (no issue); buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL. 

   2.  Lewis Hartwell Holt, born 29 July 1898, Birmingham, AL; died 8 March 1981,

        Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery


        26 November 1929, Birmingham, AL, Katherin Hawkins (born 7 February 1898),

       daughter of Rev. Ira Lee Hawkins and Katharin Shackleford.

       The child of Lewis Hartwell Holt and Katherin Hawkins was:

  (1)  LIVING Holt

   3.  Marion Luke Holt, born 18 July 1900, Birmingham, AL; died 8 October 1980, Lakeland

        FL, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL


        23 December 1926, Brooksville, FL, to Emma Jean Maner (born 26 July 1904, Screven

        County, GA), daughter of Dr. John Ogilvie Maner and Sallie Elizabeth Mims.

        The children of Marion Luke Holt and Emma Jean Maner were:

   (1)  LIVING Holt

   (2)  LIVING Holt

   (3)  LIVING Holt

   4.  Catherine Alabama Holt (Bama), born 31 May, 1902, Birmingham, AL


        October 28, 1924, Birmingham, AL, Frank Roland Powell.

        The child of Catherine Alabama Holt and Frank Roland Powell was:

    (1)  LIVING Powell

   5.  Corrie Flynn Holt, born 30 March 1904, Birmingham, AL


        September 1923, Birmingham, AL, Ralph Weyman Wadeson, Jr., son of R. H. W.

        Wadeson and Ann Hunnington (Nannie) Howell.

        The children of Corrie Flynn Holt and Ralph Weyman Wadeson were:

   (1)  LIVING Wadeson

   5.  Eugene Holt, born ca 1868 Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died Slaton, Young County,  TX;


   (1)  Lena Mayes who died 23 March 1923,


   (2)  Mary who died 23 April 1942.

         The children of Eugene Holt were:

    (1)  Roy Holt.

    (2)  Mayes (Maize) Holt.

    (3)  Clarence Holt.

   6.  Ernest R. Holt, born 12 June 1871; died 4 December 1943. No issue.

   7.  Elmo Holt, born 12 June 1871


        Annie Ruth (1883 - 1961); died 1953, Chico, Wise County, TX, buried in Chico City Cemetery.

   The children of Elmo R. Holt and Annie Ruth were:

   (1)  Ola Mae Holt



         The child of Ola Mae Holt and McDaniel was:

   (1)  Gil McDaniel.

   (2)  Herbert Holt.

   (3)  Oneta J. Holt, born 21 April 1926; died February 1945, Chico, Wise County, TX.

   8.  Elbert (Rock) Holt, born 29 July 1878, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 29 May, 1919 in

        Alvord, TX


        In Chico, Wise County, TX, Mary Bray, his cousin, daughter of Morgan H. Bray and Virginia

        Gilliam, granddaughter of Elizabeth Holt Gilliam.

   Their child was:

   (1)  Finis Holt, lived in St. Joplin, MO.

   9.  Noble Smithson Holt, born ca 1875, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN


        1894 in Giles County, TN, Lilly Myrtle Davidson, daughter of J. A. Davidson (buried Chico

        Cemetery, Wise County, TX) and his first wife, Catherine Brown (died 1893 in Giles County, TN)

   The children of Noble Smithson Holt and Lilly Myrtle Davidson were:

   (1)  Wesley Holt, born 1895 in Chico, Wise County, TX, died 1896.

   (2)  Ina Holt



    The children of Ina Holt and Long were:

    (a)  Ruby Nell Long



    (b)  Six other children.

   (3)  Rilla Holt


         Sipe.  Rilla Holt and Sipe had one child.

   (4)  Ruby Holt


    (1)  Tom Finch.  Ruby Holt and Tom Finch had two children.


    (2) Perry.

   (5)  John Albert Holt


         Katherine Armstrong.  John Albert Holt and Katherine Armstrong had four children.

   (6)  Leslie Holt.  Never married.

   (7)  James W. Holt


         Ada Young.

         James W. Holt and Ada Young had two children:

    (a)  Allen Noble Holt.

    (b)  A second child.

   (8)  Nola Holt


         Kirby.  Nola Holt and Kirby had one child.

   (9)  Alma Holt


         Cox.  No issue.

  (10) Annabelle Holt, born 1925 in Chico, Wise County, TX


         In 1957 to Paul Ludwig (Career Navy).  No issue.

 10.  Missie Holt, a girl, who died at the age of four years.

 11.  A boy, name unknown, who died in infancy.

 12.  A girl, name unknown, who died in infancy.

 13.  Edgar Holt, a boy, who died in infancy.

 14.  Oklahoma (Oak H.) Holt, born 13 April 1889, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN, the only child of

        Kanses Elizabeth Holt; died 14 September 1952, Chico, Wise

       County, TX, buried Chico City Cemetery; married Dona Mae Traister in Chico, Wise County, TX.

  The child of Oklahoma H. Holt and Dona Mae Traister was:

  (1)  LIVING Holt



IX.  Francis Marion Holt, born February 2, 1832, Maury or Giles County, Tennessee, died December 26, 1898

      and is buried in the Center Ridge cemetery, Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas.


      Harriett J. Woodard, est. 1854.  Harriett was born in Tennessee est.1834, died est. 1881 - 1932.

      The children of Francis Marion Holt and Harriett J. Woodard were:

      1.  Charles C. born December 1854 in Tennessee and died between 1910 – 1917 in South Fork, Clark

 County, Arkansas.


            Lizzie 1885 in Arkansas.  Lizzie was born in Arkansas and died before 1900 in Arkansas.

            The children of CHARLES C. HOLT and LIZZIE were:

  (1)  ERNESTINE HOLT, born 1886, Arkansas.


                   Charles Walker Nesbit 1905 in Arkansas.  He was born 1886 in Arkansas.


   (1)  CHARLES EARLE NESBIT, born 1907, Arkansas.


                          MARGARITE PAYNE.

                          The children of CHARLES EARLE NESBIT and MARGARITE PAYNE were:

                          (1)  DR. ROBERT BAXTER NESBIT.

                          (2)  MARILYN NESBIT.

                          (3)  CAROLYN NESBIT.

                    (2)  LIVING NESBIT

                    (3)  LIVING NESBIT

                    (4)  LIVING NESBIT

                    (5)  LIVING NESBIT

                    (6)  LIVING NESBIT

                    (7)  LIVING NESBIT

             (2)  ETHEL M. HOLT, born June 17, 1889, Arkansas; died June 15, 1973, Soper, Choctaw County



                   THOMAS E. DOWNS, 1909 in Soper, Oklahoma, born April 22, 1888 in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

                   The children of ETHEL M. HOLT and THOMAS E. DOWNS were:

                   (1)  A DOWNS

                   (2)  M DOWNS

                   (3)  V DOWNS

                   (4)  W DOWNS

             (3)  EMILY HOLT, born July 1895, FL; died Before 1900, Arkansas.

     2. Henry A. Holt, born July 17, 1858 in Alabama, died March 5, 1909, buried Dobyville cemetery,

         Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.


         Electra (Lectra) H. Newton about 1884.  Electra H. Newton Holt was born August 1866 in Arkansas

         and died 1962 and is buried in Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.  The parents

         of Electra H. Newton Holt were, George W. and Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton.

         The children of Henry A. Holt and Electra H. Newton Holt were:

         (1)  Infant daughter, born and died September 23, 1885 in Arkansas and is buried in Dobyville Cemetery,

               Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.

         (2)  Ida, daughter, born, March 16, 1890, died September 5, 1898 in Arkansas and is buried in Dobyville

               Cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.

         (3)  Ada, daughter, born November 1887 in Arkansas.

         (4)  Troy, daughter, born March 22, 1894 and died October 28,1912 in Arkansas and is buried in

Dobyville Cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.


Sim Hoover, born ca 1866 in Arkansas.

          (5)  Frederick (Fred), son, born December 1899 in Arkansas.

          (6)  Hattie, daughter, born ca 1904 in Arkansas.

     3.  Rufus Holt, born ca 1861 in Alabama.

     4.  Alley Holt, born ca 1863 in Tennessee.

     5.  David Franklin Holt, born December 23, 1865 in Giles County Tennessee, died January 21, 1941, in

Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Springs Chapel Cemetery in Hugo.


           Fannie Caroline Wilson December 1, 1887 in Nevada County, Arkansas, daughter of Benjamin D. (B.D.)

           Wilson, Jr. and Thursey Angeline Seal.  Fannie Caroline Wilson was born October 9, 1869 in

           Murphysboro, Tennessee, died June 10, 1946 in Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma and is buried in the

           Springs Chapel Cemetery in Hugo.

The children of David Franklin Holt and Fannie Caroline Wilson were:

           (1)  Agatha (Gatha, Guthrie, Agnes) Holt, born April 15, 1890 in Arkansas.  Died December 1979 in

 Edmond, Oklahoma.


                  (1)  Byron Jones 1912 in Oklahoma.  Son of Thomas Jones and Bettie.  He was born October 25,

                        1890 in Houston, Mississippi and died late 1918 in Clayton,Oklahoma.

                        The children of Byron Jones and Agatha Holt were:

   (1)  Ruby Pauline Jones, born June 2, 1913, Oklahoma, died July 31, 1996, Sacramento,



    LES FULTON 1934.


     (1)  LIVING TART

     (2)  Virginia V. Jones, born December 5,1916, Oklahoma, died July 28, 1996, Woodway,

       Mc Lennan County, Texas and is buried in Arkansas.



      The child of VIRGINIA V. JONES and SUTTON was:


     (3)  Aubrey Byron Jones, born March 7,1919, Oklahoma, died February 25, 1999,

            Carnegie, Oklahoma.


                 Lorraine Smith.   


(2)  Andrew (Frank) Franklin Clark between 1923-1924 in Antlers, Oklahoma.  He was the son of

      Marion Clark and Sarah Locke.  He was born July 29, 1867 in Ten Mile Stand, Meigs County,

      Tennessee and died March 9, 1940 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried in the Odd Fellows

      cemetery in Antlers, Oklahoma.


   (1)   Jennie Lee Fraiser, December 20, 1898, Antlers, Oklahoma.  Jennie Lee Fraiser was

           born February 15, 1882 in Wilkesbarre, PA and died September 4, 1914 in Antlers,

           Oklahoma and is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Antlers, Oklahoma.  Jennie Lee

            Fraiser was the daughter of A. Fraiser and Margaret Baird.

                                  The children of Andrew Clark and Jennie Fraiser were:

       (1)  Molena Alberta Clark (girl), born October 18, 1899, Antlers, Oklahoma.


  JACK TERRELL NOURSE, January 23, 1933 in Sapulpa Oklahoma.  He was born

  1902, and died 1942.

  The child of MOLENA CLARK and JACK NOURSE was:


       (2)  Joseph Marion Clark, born June 14, 1901, Antlers, Oklahoma, died April 21, 1979,

              Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is buried in Del City, Oklahoma.


   SULA HAMBY, February 26, 1926 in Hugo, Oklahoma.  Sula Hamby was born

   March 07, 1905 in Bokoma, McCurtain County, IndianTerritory, Oklahoma.

                                         The children of JOSEPH MARION CLARK and SULA HAMBY were:

                                         (1)  LIVING CLARK

                                         (2)  LIVING CLARK




        (3)  Andrew Franklin Clark, born January 14, 1903, Antlers, Oklahoma, died August


                                         married RUBY.

        (4)  Fraiser Cecil Clark, born March 23, 1905, Antlers, Oklahoma.


   (1)  ALMA M. MASSEY, born in Bennington, Bryan County, Oklahoma.

        The children of FRAISER CECIL CLARK and ALMA M. MASSEY were:


        (2)  LIVING CLARK






        (5)  Gordon Haskell Clark, born June 10, 1907, Antlers, Oklahoma.


          MARGARET MONTGOMERY, November 27, 1930.  She was born in Madill,

          Marshall County, Oklahoma.


          (1)  LIVING CLARK

                                    (6)  Robert Lloyd Clark, born June 9, 1909, Antlers, Oklahoma, died September 18,

                                          1995, Edmond, Oklahoma.


        RUTH F. NELSON, May 27, 1934.  She was born in Savanna, Oklahoma.

        The children of ROBERT LLOYD CLARK and RUTH F. NELSON were:

              (1)  LIVING CLARK

              (2)  LIVING CLARK

         (7)  Murry Dixon Clark, born January 15, 1911, Antlers, Oklahoma, died October 25,

                      1985, Burbank, California.


            Evelyn Mozelle Adams May 24, 1936, Oklahoma.

                  The children of Andrew Clark and Agatha Holt were:

                  (1)  LIVING Clark

                  (2)  LIVING Clark

                  (3)  Howard Dale Clark, born March 25, 1930, Clayton, Oklahoma, died April 18, 1990, Edmond,


                  (4)  LIVING Clark


                  (3)  Mr. Jones about 1913.   

           (2)  Roy Lee Holt, born November 9, 1893 in Emmett Arkansas.  Died July 1949 in St. Louis Missouri,

                  buried in the Callison Cemetery Rogers, Arkansas.


                  Myrtle Eva Butts, December 18, 1915, in Antlers, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.  Myrtle Eva Butts

                  was born February 19, 1896 in Arkansas, and died 1981 in Rogers Arkansas and is buried in the

                  Callison Cemetery Rogers, Arkansas.  Myrtle Eva Butts was the daughter of THOMAS BUTTS and

                  LULA JONES.

                  The children of Roy Lee Holt and Myrtle Eva Butts were:

                  (1)  FLORIENE HOLT, born September 21, 1916, Valliant, Oklahoma; died October 02, 2001,

                        Tulsa, Oklahoma, buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery Tulsa, Oklahoma.


   (1)  Bill Davies in Hugo, Oklahoma.  They had no children.


   (2) VENTURA.

  (2)  DIXIE HOLT, born May 09, 1918, Valliant, Oklahoma; died July 10, 2002, Tulsa, Oklahoma,

   buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  No children.





                   (3)  CALVIN (Billy) L. HOLT, born May 14, 1923, Grant, Oklahoma; died January 03, 2003,

                          Moran Manor, Iola, Kansas, buried in the La Harpe Cemetery, LaHarpe, Kansas.


    O PARRISH, April 27, 1946 in Wichita, Kansas, born April 04, 1924 in Kansas.

                          Calvin had no children.

                   (4)  BETTY LOU HOLT, born August 04, 1925, Valliant, Oklahoma; died March 15, 1995, Wichita,

                          Kansas from lung cancer and is buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery, Hugo, Oklahoma.


    Homer Brown Melugin November 9, 1947 in Antlers, Oklahoma, born March 08, 1926, and

    died July 1982 in Haysville, Sedgwick, Kansas, buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery, Hugo,


                          The children of BETTY LOU HOLT and HOMER MELUGIN were:

                          (1)  LIVING MELUGIN



                   (5)  CHARLES VERNON HOLT, born June 10, 1927, Valliant, Oklahoma; died September 30,

                         1997, Ellis, Kansas.


    (1) NORMA.

                          The children of CHARLES VERNON HOLT and NORMA were:

                          (1)  LIVING HOLT

                          (2)  LIVING HOLT


    (2) JEANNE M WEATHERFORD in Wichita, Kansas.

   (6)  R HOLT

   (7)  ROSA NELL HOLT, born July 1934, Grant, Oklahoma; died 2003, Tulsa, Oklahoma, buried in

    Rogers, Arkansas.


    RICHARD LEE KECK, born July 23, 1934, in Lowell, Arkansas, died June 10, 1998 in Tulsa

    Oklahoma, buried in the  Rogers Cemetery, Rogers, Arkansas.

    The children of ROSA NELL HOLT and RICHARD LEE KECK were:

          (1)  LIVING KECK

          (2)  LIVING KECK

          (3)  LIVING KECK

          (4)  LIVING KECK

           (3)  Noel Thurman Holt, born March 30, 1895 in Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas; died May 2, 1977

                 in Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas and buried in Stephens Memorial Cemetery, Clayton,

                 Pushmataha County, Oklahoma


 Edith (Willie) Hurd August 13, 1917 in Clayton, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.  Willie was born

 November 2, 1893 in Beaver, Benton County,  Arkansas.  Willie was the daughter of George

 Levaska Hurd and Orris Dell Walden Hurd.  Willie Hurd Holt died November 18, 1975 in Van Buren,

 Crawford County, Arkansas and is buried in the Stephens Memorial Cemetery, Clayton,

 Pushmataha County, Oklahoma with her husband.

                 The children of Noel Thurman Holt and Edith Willie Hurd were:

                 (1)  Foster Maxine Holt, born August 10, 1920 in Clayton, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma; died

                       June 13, 1977 in Miami, Florida.  Buried in Oak Hill Memorial Park, 300 Curtner Avenue, San

                       Jose, California.


                       (1) Mary Mozelle Thompson, January 22, 1941, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, born February 16, 1923,

                             Hulbert, Cherokee County, Oklahoma; died December 26, 1996, East Hartford, CT and is

                             buried in the Rose Hill Memorial Park in Rocky Hill, CT.  The parents of Mary Mozelle

                             Thompson were Effie Letitia Stepp and William C. Thompson.  Mary Mozelle Thompson Holt

                             divorced Foster Maxine Holt in 1945.

       The child of Foster Maxine Holt and Mary Mozelle Thompson was:

       (1)  LIVING Holt


                        (2) Clare Margarethe Fraser April 2, 1946 at the First Christian Church in Garfield, Benton

                              County Arkansas.  Clare Margarethe Fraser, born April 17, 1926 in Manhattan, New York

                              County, New York; died March 10, 1996 by homicide, Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas,


                              The children of Foster Maxine Holt and Clare Margarethe Fraser were:

                              (1)  N E Holt

                              (2)  LIVING Holt

                              (3)  B A Holt

                              (4)  LIVING Holt

                              (5)  LIVING Holt

                              (6)  LIVING Holt

         The child of W L Holt was:

                                     (1)  A B Holt

                              (7)  LIVING Holt

                 (2)  Jessie Rae Holt, daughter, born July 16, 1922 in Oklahoma; died October 8, 1991 in San Diego,


                 (3)  Billy Jean Holt, daughter, born June 23, 1926.

           (4)  Addie Lee Holt, born July 21, 1897 in Arthur City, Lamar County, Texas; died February 19, 1979 in

                 Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.


 James F. Spicher September 30, 1916 in Clayton, Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma.  James F. Spicher

 was born December 23, 1890 in Arkansas; died July 1, 1999 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

 and is buried in the Mount Calvary Cemetery.

 The child of Addie Lee Holt and James F. Spicher was:

                 (1)  James D. Spicher, born est. 1927 in Texas.  Died Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.


  In Pushmataha, County, Oklahoma.

           (5)  Benjamin (Doke or Doak) Franklin Holt, born October 30, 1899 in Jacksonville Oklahoma.  Died

                 September 27, 1979 in Shreveport, Caddo County, Louisiana and is buried in the Summer Grove

                 Cemetery Shreveport, Louisiana.


                 (1) Heddie Luther 1923, born 1898, Clayton, Oklahoma, daughter of LEWIS LUTHER and NANCY

                       ANN. Heddie Luther Holt died between 1927 and 1928 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

                       The child of Benjamin Franklin Holt and Heddie Luther was:

(1)     LIVING Holt


                 (2) Mollie (Mary) Luther August 18, 1929, born December 17, 1893 in Clayton, Oklahoma, died in

                       Shreveport, Louisiana, daughter of LEWIS LUTHER and NANCY ANN.

 The child of Benjamin Franklin Holt and Mollie Luther was:

 (1)  LIVING Holt

            (6)  Lonnie M. (Mary, May or Mae) Holt, born July 16, 1901 in Clayton, Oklahoma, died November 1981

                   in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


   (1)  LIVING


   (2)  Arthur R. Bawn May 1963 in Dade County, Florida.  Arthur R. Bawn was born May 11, 1909 in

          Cowigaburg, Schuylkill County, PA, died December 18, 2005 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County,


            (7)  Ernestine (Earnestine or Tommie E.) Holt, born June 8, 1908 in Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

                   Died March 13, 1942, Greenwood, LeFlore County, Mississippi, murdered while traveling on

                   business.  Ernestine is buried with her parents, David Franklin Holt and Fannie Caroline Wilson

                   Holt in Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hugo Oklahoma.

            (8)  Child unknown, died before 1910 census, April 28, 1910.

     6.  Edward Holt, born ca 1868 in Tennessee.

     7.  Roberta V. L. Holt, born ca 1870 in Tennessee.

     8.  Joseph Holt, born ca 1872 in Texas.

     9.  Leala Holt, born ca 1874 in Texas.


Lonnie White.

   10.  Alexander C. Holt, born ca 1876 in Texas.



X.  Lucinda Carolyn Holt, born May, 1834; died 1919, Giles County, TN


Richard Jasper Woodard in 1851 in Giles County, TN, born ca 1831, Buncombe County, NC, died est. 1872 - 1923, son of Thomas and Matilda Woodard.  Lucinda’s death record states she was the daughter of Edmund and Lucy Holt.  After this generation, the Woodard name was spelled Woodward.

The children of Lucinda Carolyn Holt and Richard Jasper Woodard were:

     1.  Angeline Woodward, born ca 1857.

     2.  Winefred Woodword (male), born ca 1864.

     3.  Desdemonia Woodward (Dessie), born ca 1866


Hull and lived in Waxahachie, Ellis County, TX.

     4.  Neely Newton Woodward, born 9 May 1871, Giles County, TN


Emma C. Booth (died in Clinton, IA).

          The child of Neely Newton Woodward and Emma C. Booth was:

          (1)  Marvelene Woodward



XI.  Mary A. Holt, born ca 1838 in Giles County, TN; died in Waxahachie or Cleburn, TX est. 1868 -1932


 Sylvester Brown Stephenson, marriage bond 24 June 1857, Shoal Ford, Limestone County, AL., born est.

 1821-1841 in AL, the son of Samuel Stephenson and Mary Shields.  Sylvester Brown Stephenson died in

 Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas April 7, 1908 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W.H. Smith (Rozanna

 Stephenson).  Mary and Brown lived in Clebum, TX.  Brown died est. 1868 -1927 and is buried in the City

 Cemetery in Waxahachie, Ellis County, TX.

      The children of Mary A. Holt and Sylvester Brown Stephenson were:

      1.  Allen W. (William Allen) Stephenson, born ca 1858, Limestone County, AL., probably died young.

      2.  Rozanna (Rosa or Rose) Stephenson, born ca 1861, TN.


            W. H. Smith.

            The daughter of Rozanna (Rosa or Rose) Stephenson was:

 1.  Ruth Causey.

      3.  Mary Stephenson, born ca 1867, TN.


XII.  William H. H. Holt, born March 1840, died est. 1871-1930.


       (1)  Rebecca Tidwell December 28, 1851 in TN.

   The children of William H. H. Holt and Rebecca Tidwell were:

              1.  Simon B. Holt, born ca 1866.

              2.  Nancy J. Holt (Nannie), born July 1871


   McCool who was dead by 1900.

   The children of Nancy J. Holt and McCool were:

                    1.  Frederick McCool, born July 1893.

                    2.  Mattie L. McCool, born October 1897.


       (2)  Sarah H. est. 1871-1905, born est. 1836 -1846, died est. 1879 -1940; lived in the 23 District, Davidson

              County, TN.

     The children of William H. H. Holt and Sarah H. were:

              3.  Zollicoffer Holt, born ca 1874.

              4.  Henry J. Holt, born ca 1878.